NWFFest 2019 Programming Schedule

See an alphabetical listing of all film descriptions here.  All events will take place at the Eclipse Theaters. Schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, March 21:

Nevada Woman of Achievement, 2019: An Evening with Susan Anton
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Interview Hosted by JJ Snyder
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Reception Sponsored by UNLV's Boyd School of Law

Friday, March 22:

5:45 PM Likeness (9 min), The Summerlands (90 min), Q&A session
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM Luxury Lounge: Filmmakers' Welcome Reception
9:45 PM The Riveters (3 min), This is Cindy (30 min), Mouchette on East Fourth (12 min), He Said, She Said (5 min), Happy (16 min), A Little Bit Pregnant (9 min), Hello Darling (12 min), Rise of the Catwoman (13 min), Silver Girls (13 min), Q&A

Saturday, March 23:

11:00 AM Am I Pretty (10 min), Athena - Goddess of Heroic Endeavor (14 min), Swift (5 min), Veins of Life (7 min), Sarah (3 min), Jepethah's Daughter (5  min)
12:00 PM Panel Event: Sages of a New Age: How Social Media and Film Intersect. In this new age of technology, film is ever evolving. Social media plays a role in filmmaking in a way we have never seen before.  A team of distinguished panelists including female filmmakers, film festival directors, film distributors and communication experts discuss the way social media and film intersect.  Our esteemed moderator, Dr. Heather Addison, Chair of UNLV’s Film Department, will lead the discussion.
Vanguard Event with Featured Guest Filmmakers Jordana Spiro & Angelica Nwandu:
2:00 PM Featured Screening: Night Comes On (86 min)
4:00 PM A Conversation with the Filmmakers; hosted by Danette Tull, presentation of the Vanguard Award, Q&A session.
5:45 PM Doormats (13 min), Paige (22 min), The Hanji Box (60 min), Q&A
8:00 PM Gloria's Call (17 min), Representative (9 min), Icarus Rising (32 min), #NoMore (16 min), Q&A
9:45 What Remains (8 min), From the Afghan People for Americans (46 min), Born as a Girl (61 min)

Sunday, March 24:

11:15 AM Hair Trigger (8 min), 3 Days (12 min), Impulse (10 min), Diva (10 min), Moon Rabbit (14 min), Underpressure (33 min), Q&A session
1:00 PM Drive Back (4 min), Elephant's Song (8 min), Plants (18 min), I'm Just Here (16 min), Betty - They Say I'm Different (56 min) Q&A session
3:15 PM Still Life (2 min), The Feels (4 min), Razzle My Berries (9 min), Mr. Right Now (15 min), Keely & Du (80 min), Q&A session
5:45 PM Love Always, Mom (94 min), Q&A session
8:15 PM – 9:45 PM Fifth Annual Femmy Awards