Award Winners 2016


This is a trailer for the Second Annual Nevada Women's Film Festival which took place at the Spring Preserve the weekend of March 4-6, 2016.

NWFFEST TRAILER from Brett Levner on Vimeo.

Best Short Film: Love is Blind (France) by Sabine Crossen

Tristan falls in love with a blind patient of his, Angel. They get married and have a beautiful boy but when he finds out that not only the operation he performed on her to save her sight failed but that she also contracted a lethal virus...he takes drastic measures to make her last wish come true.

Best Student Film: The Loyalist by Minji Kang

A North Korean general checks in on his daughter at a Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to her motherland.

Spirit of Activism: The Edge of the Wild by Gail Mallimson

For over 30 years, residents of the small town of Brisbane, California just south of San Francisco, have fought to save rare butterflies on private land planned for luxury housing. This epic battle between private property rights and the survival of a species has resulted in a major shift in national environmental policy. The Edge of the Wild tells the story of this struggle both past and present, through the eyes of a life-long resident of Brisbane who is determined to save the last population of these butterflies before they are gone forever.

Best Female Protagonist: Ben and Ara by Nnegest Likke (director), Constance Ejuma (actress)

Ben, a passionately agnostic PhD student, falls behind in his dissertation and is surprised to find a muse in Ara, a devout Muslim. Ben and Ara soon fall in love but grapple with differences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choices. They discover that when two cultures touch each other, the consequences can be magical and tragic.

Best Documentary: You See Me by Linda J. Brown

Filmmaker Linda Brown’s father embodied 1960s masculinity. But when a devastating stroke leaves him vulnerable and dependent, Linda decides to confront the silence surrounding his troubled and violent past. You See Me is a brave, inspiring and empowering film that documents the essence of the human condition and seeks to face the past with courage in order to change the future.